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The NOW HABIT will Raise the Level


NOW HABIT = the day to day living of the reality that all that we could ever dream of being, we already are…..NOW. The NOW HABIT is a concept and attitude that harnesses the power of the here and now – the present. It’s about knowing and feeling that we are the sum total of the power, lessons and blessings of all of those and the experiences that have come before us – culminating into a perfect blend of creative consciousness. And that we are all centers of power, positioned in the center of the universe as the main attraction. We all individually hold the key to self and world transformation. With this knowing, our clear deliberate intention is to “Raise the Level” of all things good and desirable in our lives. To re-align with who we really are – to be in energetic alignment with the energy of our Source – Peace, Love, and Joy. We understand that any feelings opposite of peace, love and joy are out of sync with our natural rhythm and alignment. Thus our priority is alignment. 


The Raise The Level Mandate is a N.O.W. H.A.B.I.T. It’s a Network Of Warriors Healing And Building In Teams. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.  The Raise The Level Mandate HAS a Now-Habit. It has a Now -Habit because the only way to “raise the level” is to be, live, and use our power in the HERE and NOW. And it has to be a habit, 1st nature…automatic. So the NOW HABIT will Raise the Level!

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