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This is a beginner's course with advanced lessons, techniques, strategies, and perspectives on how 'victims' of generations of systemic racism can heal from the inter-generational trauma, repair the damage, build healthy functional relationships and reclaim their power!

Class 1: The Law of Mental Disposition details how important it is to maintain a highly elevated mental and emotional state that neutralizes, and/or redirects negativity to create the best possible outcomes when engaging racism and racist attitudes and behavior. This class offer principles, practices and strategies!

Class 2: Reclaiming Our Power is about the various ways that systemic racism uses the different types of power to maintain control and dominance, and how we can and must reclaim our power!

Class 3: Healing PTSD is a class that addresses the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Historical Trauma experienced while being immersed in systemic racism for several centuries in America. This class offers proven remedies for the trauma that continues to be passed down through the generations....

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Class 4: Conscious Communications is a "Sacred Opportunity". This class puts a focus on practicing mindful communications with others to fulfill the ultimate purpose of our encounters - learning and growth! It offers strategies and presents a sound communications technology that will 'Raise The Level' of your interactions and the quality of your relationships! Works wonders when confronting racism issues and engaging with people who hold racist attitudes and beliefs.

Class 5: The Social Directives are dynamic mental and emotional tools for transcendence. They offer clarity and profound insight into the human spirit and principles that make us thrive and transcend the ordinary into extraordinary quality of life experiences!

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