Why is the Raise The Level Value System necessary?

         There has to be a new culture established – an entirely new way of seeing and doing things – which will inevitably bring about different results from what is being experienced today. The amount of murders, other violence, crime, and untimely deaths by other unnatural means has the future of  Black people throughout America looking very bleak. The extreme rates of incarceration of Black men and women, the countless black children without stable families to nurture and raise them, the lack of effective use of Black economic power, the general disharmony between Black men and women, inadequate education of black children, and the overall apathy of Black people while we are in a state of emergency shows clearly that there is a level of ineffectiveness in the ability of our adopted lifestyles to address and solve crucial problems.

            The American way of life, built upon capitalism (a few benefit greatly from the time, talent, labor, creativity, and resources of the many) and centered around the pursuit of individual happiness, in the Black community, has translated into a world view (or value system) of materialism, selfishness, greed, fear, and self- destruction. This view of the world is completely and diabolically opposed to our natural functioning, optimal living and advancement as a  community and as a people. It is our predominant nature to manifest cultures and civilizations that are inclusive, communal, and holistic. What our ancestors valued more than anything was the essence, ‘spirit’, or ‘source’ of all things. They knew that every material object, life form, etc. had a spiritual counterpart that was greater than the thing itself. They did not worship objects and for the most part, their societies were focused on the quest for oneness with ‘Spirit’ (God) and Nature (God’s creation). However, since we have been force fed American culture by white society, we have adopted a value system and view of the world that is traditionally Euro-centric (individualized/isolated fragments), not African/Indigenous (communal/holistic). Our adoption of the Euro-centric value system has ultimately caused us to devalue ourselves and the importance of our presence in this world. Our low opinion of our self-worth has us perpetuating self-destruction and allowing sub-quality conditions to exist among our people.

            So, while our people are clearly in a state of emergency, many Black people are still living day to day as if nothing is extraordinarily out of wack and off balance. There are additional reasons for this – one of them is clearly because of the endless rat race we’re seemingly locked into. The constant pursuit to pay bills, keep up with the new trends, and get accepted in mainstream society is pressing enough to have most of our people ignoring what is really happening right before our eyes.

            The Raise The Level Mandate's Value System is intended to re-direct our attention to the work of repairing, rebuilding and restoring ourselves, our families, and our communities so that we can enjoy a culture that enhances life – instead of death.

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